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I’m Maria Pope, M.S. in Exercise and Wellness with a lifelong focus in nutrition.

I’m a wife, mom of 4, an elementary educator by trade who teaches college as well, and a motivator by nature. I’m passionate about healthy eating and healthy bodies. More than that, I love helping others. Think of me as an enabler to a more healthy you. I have years of education from top universities and coaching experience to help guide your journey.

Picky Eaters? Family Challenges? Allergies? No Time?

You’ve found the right corner of the Internet. It’s what I do and what I empower others through. Whether you’re a meat-eater needing to include more veggies in your day or a strict herbivore, the Plant-Based Popes has a place for you in our judgement free community.

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My Happy Clients!

Maria has created a group that is bursting with encouragement, knowledge, support, and NO judgement. It’s such a welcoming place to dip your toe in as a novice in the plant-based world or dive in the dep end as a seasoned herbivore
Alex D., New Jersey
Maria is encouraging to those of us who are dabbling in plant-based living but does not judge us because we haven’t arrived yet! I’ve always heard if you hang around the barbershop long enough, you’ll get a hair cut! I’m still hanging out!
Peggy D., Utah
Maria is a plant-based genius. I highly recommend following her and signing up for any and all of her classes. Many people do not think they can live plant-based. She will prove to you that you can and will support you every step along the way.
Lori S., Texas

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